Mats Hjelm Jitte jutsu seminar 5-7.4.2024

On this seminar we will practicing using the Jitte. Jitte became common in Japan in the use of police and guards during the Edo period. Bujinkan katas for Jitte come from Kukishinderyu.

The seminar is open to all Bujinkan Dojo members. The seminar will be held in Helsinki, the exact location will be announced later.

Dai Shihan Mats Hjelm has practiced Bujinkan since 1983-84. He was awarded the rank of Dai Shihan in 2017. Hjelm teaches in Stockholm at Kaigozan-Dojo, which he founded in 1990. More information about him at and

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Whole seminar: 100€

Friday: 20€

Saturday: 50€

Sunday: 50€